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March 30, 2021

AdTech Leaders Unite to Measure the Ad Council & COVID Collaborative’s COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative – the Largest PSA Campaign in U.S. History

TVSquared, Upwave, Kinetiq and Ace Metrix Join Forces to Measure Reach and Impact of PSAs across Linear and Streaming TV

NEW YORK – March 30, 2021 – A collective of TV measurement leaders has joined forces to quantify the effectiveness of the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s “It’s Up to You” COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative – the largest PSA campaign in U.S. history. Together, TVSquared, Upwave, Kinetiq and Ace Metrix are measuring the reach and impact of the linear TV and OTT ads running throughout the year as part of the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s effort to educate the American public about COVID-19 vaccines.

Since cross-platform TV plays such a large role in the campaign’s media mix, effectively reaching diverse audiences – across communities, devices and linear and streaming platforms – with targeted messages to build awareness and drive action is critical to success. Through their partnership, the companies are measuring the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s campaign 24-hours a day to generate insights on audience delivery, awareness and performance. The analytics provide a real-time view into creative impact, reach and frequency, unique reach, outcomes, sentiment and awareness – campaign-wide and by specific audience segments. The findings will then be used to inform and optimize TV strategies to continuously strengthen campaign impact.

“The Ad Council has long said that success for this campaign relies on our ability to serve the right message to the right audience at the right time and frequency,” said Anne Deo, Senior Vice President, Analytics at the Ad Council. “These partners have provided us with the technology and analytics needed to do just that, and we are excited to be working with them.”

While each company plays a unique role in the project, together they will provide the most comprehensive view into campaign impact:
  • TVSquared measures campaign reach, frequency and outcomes across linear and OTT/CTV buys. Its always-on platform uncovers the most effective days, times, networks, programs, genres, creatives and publishers for reach and driving response, campaign-wide and by audience segment.
  • Upwave measures, in-flight, the campaign’s impact of branding metrics, for a rich, always-on understanding of awareness, message association, vaccine intent and more.
  • Kinetiq identifies and quantifies the audience-impression and media value of every ad occurrence across 210 DMAs for a holistic view of where and when spots aired.
  • Ace Metrix measures ad creative effectiveness based on viewer reaction to video ads, providing an unbiased resource for understanding and optimizing creative impact.

“The Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s initiative is the largest and most important ad campaign of our lifetimes,” said Bob Ivins, Chief Strategy Officer at TVSquared, who spearheaded the project. “We aim to provide the campaign with the analytics needed to maximize its cross-channel, cross-screen TV strategy to effectively reach and engage with diverse audiences. This project is a testament to industry-wide collaboration, and we are grateful to work with the innovative teams at Upwave, Kinetiq and Ace Metrix to make this happen.”

“We are thrilled to join these incredible measurement partners to support the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s historic COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative and to help drive awareness across all audiences,” said Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave. “Effective marketing changes people’s hearts and minds, so we can’t think of a better use of advertising, media and marketing than educating and informing the public about the vaccines. We are proud the analytics industry is stepping up – pro bono – to maximize the effectiveness of this campaign.”

“It is with significant pride that we watch this collaboration come together to measure this important campaign for the Ad Council,” said Kevin Kohn, CEO of Kinetiq. “Bringing to bear the power of our extensive TV network and TV intelligence capabilities – alongside the strengths of our fellow adtech partners – empowers the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to optimize the effectiveness and reach of this vital public health initiative.”

“Ace Metrix is proud to work with the Ad Council to evaluate the impact of its wonderful work, which will impact our lives for many years,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “We are excited to work with the other partners to help optimize the impact of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, and share the analysis of the creative nuance ads, and how they work with audiences, to determine the most effective creative plan.”

About TVSquared
TVSquared is the global leader in cross-platform TV ad measurement. Our ADvantage platform empowers thousands of advertisers in more than 75 countries to inform TV media strategies and drive business growth. We measure reach, attribution and outcomes, and help identify the right audiences. TVSquared measures TV how people watch it – across screens and platforms. Learn more at

About Upwave
Upwave (formerly Survata) is a fast-growing marketing analytics company providing ML-driven brand marketing measurement technology and intelligence to the world’s leading brands, agencies, and platforms. The company is based in San Francisco and New York and backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital investors. Learn more at

About Kinetiq
Kinetiq pushes the boundaries of TV intelligence with the first and only unified, global platform to measure the complete spectrum of paid, earned and owned TV media with the speed and precision of digital. The Kinetiq platform empowers marketers, technology partners and content owners with TV audience metrics and analytics in real-time, providing the critical data and transparency needed to make informed decisions. Formed in 2019 with the merger of iQ Media and 4C’s Teletrax, Kinetiq is trusted by leading brands, agencies, broadcasters and ISVs, including Mercedes-Benz, Uber, Fox Broadcasting Company and Google. Visit to learn more.

About Ace Metrix
Ace Metrix is a real-time advertising analytics company based in El Segundo, CA. The company screens and scores video advertising based on a survey method which measures an advertisement’s creative impact including that of persuasion, watchability and emotional factors.

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