How are your campaigns resonating with your target audience and influencing their behaviors? Are your initiatives helping you create a competitive advantage in your industry? Monitor and measure your TV investments in real time and activate digital campaigns when opportunities present themselves.


Ad Catalogue as a Service

Expanding global footprint ad catalogue currently available Canada (English & French), UK, Germany, France & Netherlands.

  • US ad detection across 1,600 channels in all 210 DMA’s
  • 32K brands tracked and 550K TV ads indexed
  • Ability to detect fingerprinted ads across 85 countries


Gain up-to-date insights into your TV presence and audience profiles, and link on-air activity to audience behaviors.

  • Capture second-by-second insights into TV brand instances with automated logo recognition and closed caption brand detection
  • Integrate with your data management platform (DMP) and first-party data to determine the effectiveness of your varying media tactics
  • Identify media exposure, channel and frequency by household
  • Leverage IP address identification to match TV engagement to specific audience behaviors — digital traffic, social engagement, purchase activity


Correlate media and audience values to local and national campaigns, paid and earned exposure, or your all-encompassing TV exposure.

  • Pinpoint the value of your media exposure by campaign, initiative, media type, and even as granular as a specific brand mention on a specific network
  • Measure your TV ROI with access to a deeper and broader set of data — 10 million smart TVs across all 210 DMAs, 100 million digital signals, and Nielson and SQAD data
  • Better understand campaign performance and media investments across local and national markets


Assess your competitors’ media strategies, audience engagement, and performance to plot more competitive campaigns.

  • Conduct competitive research with a comprehensive view of your competitors’ media placements, campaign performance, market proliferation, and more
  • Perform ad hoc competitor searches to drill down into your specific competitive landscape
  • Plot your own campaigns against your competitors’ current and historical efforts to track your relative performance
  • Identify your competitors’ advertising tactics on a national or local level — in real time


Nimbly adjust your live and upcoming media plans to maximize your ROI and minimize media waste.

  • Immediately measure and evaluate the resonance, saturation, and effectiveness of your media investments with geo-based heat maps, side-by-side ad pod charts, and more
  • Combine real-time TV tracking with nearly a decade of historical programming data to inform pre-planning of annual and scatter media buys
  • Identify the audience traits that most signal a penchant to engage with your brand

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