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September 9, 2020

Inscape and Kinetiq Partner to Link TV Brand Exposures to Household-Level Data From Millions of Connected TVs

Combined Capabilities Illuminate Impact of TV Spend Across Ads, Sponsorships and Earned Media

PHILADELPHIA (September 9, 2020) — Inscape, the smart TV data company and subsidiary of VIZIO, and Kinetiq, a leading TV intelligence platform, today announced a new partnership that combines Inscape’s glass-level insights from more than 15 million smart TVs with Kinetiq’s real-time program and ad metadata mined from more than 1,400 cable and broadcast networks and stations in all 210 U.S. DMAs. This powerful combination allows marketers to better measure the effectiveness of their TV investment across ads, sponsorships, and earned media.

Kinetiq also provides Inscape an additional library of HD-quality ad creatives with associated metadata, which allows Inscape to identify and verify commercial detections. The collaboration enables new measurement and attribution use cases for Inscape customers, which include global brands, agencies and marketing technology platform companies.

“We are excited about the new possibilities created through the powerful combination of Kinetiq and Inscape,” said Greg Hampton, Vice President, Business Development, Inscape. “Inscape data licensees rely on us to provide accurate and timely viewing data. Integrating Kinetiq’s extensive ad library enables us to offer marketers and content owners new options for comprehensive ad detection, while also reducing the need for our clients to have to source and send us ad creatives.”

In return, Kinetiq gains access to Inscape’s household-level, second-by-second viewing data from 15 million Vizio smart TVs. Combined with Kinetiq’s brand exposure data, Kinetiq customers can view brand exposures for their ads, sponsorships, and earned mentions at the household-level and perform measurement and attribution against sponsorships and earned exposures in new ways.

“This is a true partnership – one that brings substantial value to both companies and to the market. The power of being able to tie exposure data to the individual household opens entirely new ways to measure the impact of a brand’s TV media investment, especially within content,” said Kevin Kohn, CEO, Kinetiq. “This redefines the TV measurement model, giving TV a level of granularity previously reserved for digital marketing, especially in the areas of sponsorship and earned media which to date have been underserved.”

About Kinetiq

Kinetiq, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, pushes the boundaries of TV intelligence with the first and only unified, global platform to measure the complete spectrum of paid, earned and owned TV media with the speed and precision of digital. The Kinetiq platform empowers marketers, technology partners and content owners with TV audience metrics and analytics in real-time, providing the critical data and transparency needed to make informed decisions. Formed in 2019 with the merger of iQ Media and 4C’s Teletrax, Kinetiq is trusted by leading brands, agencies, broadcasters and ISVs, including Mercedes-Benz, Uber, Fox Broadcasting Company and Google. Visit to learn more.

About Inscape

Inscape is a TV intelligence company that captures highly accurate, up-to-date viewing data from millions of smart TVs. The company is a leading provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies and comprehensive cross-screen metrics. Inscape’s TV audience viewing data is leveraged by OEMs, brands, agencies, networks, measurement companies, DMPs and marketing technology platforms to power massive transformations in the industry. Its glass-level insights bring a new level of speed, transparency and actionability to the global TV market place. Founded in 2010 as TV Interactive Systems, Inc., the company operated at Cognitive before being acquired by VIZIO. Inscape operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary based in San Francisco, California.

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