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February 10, 2020

Dem Candidates TV Spend into New Hampshire Primaries

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Following the incredibly close and unbelievably problematic Iowa caucuses, the front running Democratic candidates moved forward into the nomination process by entering the New Hampshire primaries. An unexpected outcome from Iowa that moved both Sanders and Buttigieg into a healthy lead as the candidates entered the Granite State has kept some of the big spenders undaunted in terms of spending and has kept other big names on the sidelines in television advertising spend. A recent study by highlights some key findings.

During the past 12 days, both Biden and Warren campaigns have completely turned off television advertisement spending across all markets in the country. The build-up to the Iowa caucuses saw these two candidates with a targeted but not significant in-market presence.

Sanders and Buttigieg have spent approximately $3million and $1million over the same period, respectively, in local market spending. Both campaigns had an echoing spend in the Iowa markets after the debacle of the vote tallying to sure up their positions. Sanders also had significant spending in the Boston/Manchester markets for the New Hampshire primaries, as well as in Nevada, which follows New Hampshire. Sanders also started early TV advertisement spending in Texas, which is a Super Tuesday state. Buttigieg included spending only in Boston/Manchester. Neither candidate has put forth any spending into South Carolina for their upcoming primaries.

Candidates Bloomberg and Steyer have continued to spend massive amounts of money on television advertising during the same period of time, $43million and $27million respectively. The Bloomberg and Steyer campaigns are canvassing the major markets in the country with multi-message campaigns designed to introduce the candidates and at the same time discredit President Trump. Bloomberg’s message seems to be far-reaching into many markets, while Steyer is spending heavily in the California markets, knowing that the successful candidate must win that state.

A follow-up look at the strategies and spending of Bloomberg and Steyer campaigns will be available later this week to highlight the historical and unprecedented levels of spending at such an early primary juncture and to highlight key messages important to both candidates.

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